The Winter People by Rebekah L. Purdy

This is a YA Fantasy and Romance book. Unfortunately, in this instance, the mix of these two genres just doesn’t work. The Fantasy story of battling fairies and a family bloodline tied to the feud is what kept me turning pages. Right from the start, the description of events that weld our modern day character to the centuries old struggle pulls the reader in. I’m not sure why the author felt the need to wander off the path by adding in romance elements, but it just disrupts the flow of the story. It’s not the romance per se that derails the story but the sophomoric way it is presented. It reads as if two stories by two different authors with differing levels of writing expertise were pushed together by a third party.
Where this story could have benefited greatly from more in depth plot construction and background details, instead it stutters and starts and never quite gets the wheels spinning.
I’m torn on this review because I truly liked the story, I just didn’t like the telling.

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